I can tell I haven’t been alone for more than five minutes in weeks because the second I’m in bed alone listening to music my mind takes the opportunity to catch up on all the overthinking I haven’t had time to do

Being back in Bournemouth always inexplicably makes me so over emotional..not necessarily in a bad way, just it’s the only place where I can truly see how much myself and the people I love the most have changed over the years, and it has a way of enhancing how much I love my friends, and how unbearably I miss some of them

" They held each other and kissed and pushed each others’ darkness into the corner, believing in each others’ light, each others’ dream. "
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Anonymous:  hey ell!!!! do you think you could tell me your say... top 10 favourite blogs? thank uuuu!!!

Hey anon.. gosh I always find this so hard and just end up naming the same people so yeah pickupaperper, halfway-to-a-star, cosmictantrum, wytchesboner, elixars, fiebre, starmanwaitinginthesky, rigormortx, avvelia, and uh.. um unimpressedcats are all great blogs

Anonymous:  What bands have you seen this month for the first time and loved?

Oooh Deap Valley (I was so excited for them), discovered this band called M+A who were amazing at Truck… also I hadn’t seen Kyla la Grange, Pix, or Catfish and the Bottlemen before and they were all really, really good..also heard a couple of songs by Slow Club even if I wasn’t in the actual tent and they sounded as fab as you’d expect