How do I know I have the best friend in the world? Because I felt a little sad, lonely, and ill, and craved a cuddle, and now she’s on her way from Sheffield just to see me

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Anonymous:  Is it bad that most times I go clubbing I kiss someone? Like total strangers, and loads of my friends think I'm being an idiot?

It’s your decision, not your friends. It’s not bad to kiss a lot of strangers, just as it’s not bad to only kiss one person, or to kiss no one at all - none of it is ever “bad” if you’re happy doing it.

Like seriously real talk - I love kissing so so much, to the extent where when I was a little younger the worst thing about being single for me was no kissing, so I would go clubbing and just kiss people every single time. I’ve kissed more than five absolute strangers in one night on more than one occasion, I’ve woken up with beard rash on my face and no memory of getting it, I’ve definitely kissed the occasional girl, seriously I’ve done it all, and I don’t regret it - I have some well funny stories from those times. I even miss it a little. Just make sure you’re safe and remember kissing someone doesn’t mean you have to have sex with them, feel free to tell them to fuck off the second they take it too far.

Okay lots of love, go have fun x

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Why do I fancy that Ben dude from parks and recreation so much, I tried to fancy Andy but the geek just reeled me in like they always do with their ridiculously sexy awkwardness ugh

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