Anonymous:  Miss you x


Anonymous:  What do you think about Bastille? What kind of genre are they? I don't think their as rock as people says because of the lack of guitars.

I’d probably say they don’t have a strict genre..but although there’s rock elements in the new songs, they’re definitely more electro-pop than anything else

Anonymous:  what do u think about the killers ( band ) ? ps. u know so much about bands that's why i ask

Aw hahaha that’s sweet of you to respect my so called band “knowledge”. I like The Killers - I adore three or four of their songs (largely ones on Hot Fuss) but I’m much less keen on the other albums as a whole, even if other individual songs are good. I saw them at Hyde Park in 2009 though and that was proper great

Anonymous:  you forgot to mention let's dance to joy division :) at least I think it's a fab song (for the person asking about the wombats :) )

Yeaaaaahh..that was the first song of theirs I heard

Anonymous:  I'm that anon who asked you about the songs. I'll start with those. Thank you so much!

No problem at all!!! Maybe I will catch you at one of their gigs in the future x

Anonymous:  Hey, I think you already did this a while ago for someone else, but I can't find it anymore, so I'm asking you again. Could you maybe list your favourite The Wombats Songs? I only just recently realised how awesome they are and if you don't mind, you could list me a few of their songs I should start with, since I only know very few of their songs. Thank youuuu!

Sure sure sure Kill The Director is a good traditional Wombat song, some other particularly fab ones are Our Perfect Disease, 1996, Backfire at the Disco, Valentine, Little Miss Pipedream (it’s so cute).. Your Body Is A Weapon is their latest recorded song, and it’s possible you already know Moving To New York so check them out. Hope you continue to enjoy X (I’m half napping right now and I maybe missed out a few obvious songs but truth be told I love 95% of their songs anyway so)

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" One kiss?
One kiss is all it would take
There’s nothing, and I mean nothing, like kissing. A long, wet, you sucking on my tongue kiss. Wrapped up tight. Arms around each other. Hands exploring. My leg rubbing against your crotch. Naked kiss. So close we’re sweating from each other’s heat.
One good long kiss is all it would take.
Yeah, one kiss.
One kiss? "